BIOtechnology for the recovery of valuable peptides from industrial RICE by-products and production of added value ingredients for nutraceuticals, functional foods and cosmetics


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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a German non-profit scientific/technical institution, which performs contract research on behalf of the industry, the service sector and the government. The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen is one of currently 66 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Its business units Biorefinery/Biofuels and Process Engineering work on strategies for the sustainable and competitive production of chemicals, fuels and energy in the future. The use of renewable resources is a key factor in this regard. The efficient integration of biotechnology and chemistry is particularly addressed. The service portfolio ranges from fundamental research all the way to initial process engineering designs and cost estimates. The services are based on broad knowledge in the areas of catalytic synthesis of chemical products, biological conversion technologies and downstream processing (mechanical and thermal separation processes). Fraunhofer employs scientists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, power engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, industrial engineering and business economics in interdisciplinary composed teams.

Fraunhofer will develop cost efficient separation processes for the Biorice project, which meet the required product specifications. Starting from the semi-purified digestates obtained after protein hydrolysis, different fractions of peptides will be isolated by means of adequate separation techniques, particularly short-path molecular distillation and advanced membrane filtration. The separation of peptide fractions with a narrow distribution of molecular weight is objected. At last, modification of isolated peptides will be performed in terms of spray drying and encapsulation.


Project Coordinator: Prof. Annalisa Tassoni
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Dept. of Biological Geological and Environmental Sciences
Telephone: +39 051 2091278

Project Management Team:
Alessandra Baccigotti
Cristina Brecciaroli

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