BIOtechnology for the recovery of valuable peptides from industrial RICE by-products and production of added value ingredients for nutraceuticals, functional foods and cosmetics


Work Packages 4

Biological activity and safety assays of isolated ingredients

Leader: Dr. Alexandre Batadiere (FARCO)
Other participants:

This WP will provide:

  • Analysis of biological activities of the semi-purified digestates and of the new ingredients (selected peptide fractions) using a wide panel of in vitro and cell-based tests (Task 4.1);
  • Safety evaluation of the semi-purified digestates and of the peptide ingredients for cosmetic and nutraceutical/functional food applications (Task 4.2);
  • Development, optimization and validation of an in vitro safety test to evaluate skin sensitization potency (relative ability of a chemical to induce sensitization) of the semi-purified digestates and selected peptide fractions (Task 4.3).

Project Coordinator: Prof. Annalisa Tassoni
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Dept. of Biological Geological and Environmental Sciences
Telephone: +39 051 2091278

Project Management Team:
Alessandra Baccigotti
Cristina Brecciaroli

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